Antonio Conte plans to polish midfielder Oliver Skipp to a world-class level

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Antonio Conte plans to polish midfielder Oliver Skipp to a world-class level. After seeing the potential throughout the period of working together for a month

Kim Sepp double play, center to Emile Pierre Hoey, a beer in a 3-4-2-1 game-winner Brent Ford, 2-0 yesterday in the style box – Two – box. Wrong from the original screen before the defender  

Which the 52- year- old boss revealed that he sent the plan to himself and the boy did well. Therefore ready to further refine to a higher level ufabet.

Kim Sepp

” Kim Sepp , Kim K. P , Kim Sepp – Child’s play nice little team mate others ,” Conte mood.

“ I think this guy is very young. can be developed more Always playing with consistency , motivation , heart and soul. Personally, I think it’s important because as far as I can see. That guy doesn’t care that he’s just 21 years old and doesn’t have lungs. ” 

“I see that it can help the younger man hold the ball better. Including enhancing techniques Satisfied with the overall picture, but now we have to contend with each other. ” 

“ Of course, when he is in possession of the ball he does better. But time has taken it very hard to Kim Sepp playing middle pairs ‘ Hot Bobby ‘ extremely important ‘. 

“ Bringing the ball up the game really improves. But over the past month, I’ve seen a lot of improvements – the kids also want to improve themselves. ” 

“I think that from now on and the future it depends on you. If you want to be an elite midfielder, which is possible, you have to keep your head down in training. He has the potential to be a key player for Tottenham in this era or in the future. ”  

Skipp has played 18 games across all competitions this season. It is a favorite of Conte and Nuno S. Spirito’s Santos Head Coach old.