Roca growing as a Bayern Munich player

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Spanish midfielder Mark Roca has not achieved what he had hoped for at Bayern Munich since joining from Espanyol, but insists he has grown both as a player and as a person one.

Bayern Munich midfielder Mark Roca is optimistic that he has not failed in a move to Bayern Munich. Looking at him as a person and as a player, he looks forward to future success with the club, according to ‘Sport1′ on Saturday. 

‘People may think that my time here in Munich has failed. I don’t see it like that It’s challenging and I’m proud. I have improved a lot both as a footballer and as a person. I stepped out of my comfort zone, I grew a lot.’ 

‘Maybe I can’t prove it right now because I’m not playing as I want. But I’m sure in the future I will be able to take advantage of these. I hope I will succeed here. But in life you never know If it’s not here It will be with another place.’

The 24-year-old midfielder admits he has been disappointed at times. but with a firm determination not to let that determine his days in Bavaria.

‘There were moments of frustration. you feel ready But you can’t play or help the team. That creates frustration. My girlfriend and my family gave me balance and stability. I used to wonder if I was wrong Maybe I should make another decision. But I think this is a question that gets you nowhere. when i decide I will end up with it It is pointless to ask questions like ‘What if’ that leaves you nowhere?