Suarez has revealed that he will always

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Argentine striker Lionel Messi has had trouble adjusting to Paris Saint-Germain’s playing field. He having score just one goal in the French league this season.

Luis Suarez

Atletico Madrid‘s Uruguay striker Luis Suarez has revealed that he will always remain in touch with Lionel Messi, despite the pair’s split over the course of their careers. of each person Before he reveal. Why the Argentinian forward struggled to settle at Paris Saint-Germain, scoring the only goal on the Ligue 1 stage after joining from Barcelona on a free transfer during the summer. Summer, according to reports from ‘Lekip’ on Saturday past. 

‘He always plays at the same speed. And at times it doesn’t seem connected,’ Suarez commented on Messi’s play in coordination with Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. 

Suarez reunited with close friend Messi during the 2022 Ballon d’Or awards ceremony in Paris. Where the Argentine forward won the award for the seventh time. After receiving more votes than both Robert Lewandowski and Jorginho, two other contenders.

‘We talk every day (but) we always try to avoid (mentioning) expectations. Because we are players And we know how we have to act in those moments. We talk about games and about family.’

‘He told me he suffered a lot playing in the cold and snow.’

‘You definitely have to acclimatize to the cold weather there.’

Suarez has left Barcelona in the summer of 2020, and the Uruguayan forward admits it will be a difficult feeling. When the pair face off as on-field opponents. Especially playing at the ‘Camp Nou’ in the last season. Before the Atletico team won the Bull City League championship in that season.

‘On the other hand When we play for Uruguay and Argentina, it’s different.’

‘They are always a beautiful game and having Leo as an opponent is difficult and complicated,’ Suarez said.