Takumi Minamino, Liverpool attacker

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Liverpool attacker Takumi Minamino ‘s left eyebrow is twitching, signaling that the ufabet team will be successful this season. So let’s stick to the car and join in the fight to win concrete honors as well.

Minamino joined the ‘ Reds ‘ at the beginning of 2020, lifting the league championship trophies confused. But the role was underdevelop. While the 2020-21 season was a disgraceful team. While referred to as being sent Southampton Borrowed for the second half of the season.  

Come 2021-22, ‘ Taki ‘ has adapted better to Jürgen Klopp ‘s side , especially benefiting from a sub- role. The star kicker is ambitious that if this year the team wins any championship, he must be involve. Not a fortune like the previous two seasons again.

” I always have high motivation to the manager . The team also dissuade others that do not require a large number of players, the ” star players aged   26 years, told the official website.

“ But that’s what professional players need to do. And I didn’t do anything special. Even if this time is still limited to the number of games on the field. But when given the opportunity to do the best you can devote 100%. ” 

“ To be able to perform, I need to prepare well. And that’s another matter that deserves a professional approach. However, I’m glad that someone sees and speaks of us in a good way. ” 

“ Ask what position do you like to play? I honestly learned that I would like to be near the entrance of the door first. because I believe that my other duty is to help break the net. ” 

” The last manager . The team is decided. And it’s nice to hear you mention that we can play in multiple positions. And that’s the selling point – so I want to break out high-level performance no matter where I’m competing. ” 

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